Gemstones that are Rarer than your Diamond Engagement Ring

A diamond occupation round is considered highly desirable because of its scarcity, but there are a digit of gemstones that are considerably rarer.

Gemstones that are Rarer than your Diamond Engagement Ring

Gemstones that are Rarer than your Diamond Engagement Ring

We are all told that diamonds are among the rarest and most valuable stones, and it is this rarity that makes the diamond task ring such a singable preference However, generally unknown to the majority of the average public, there are far rarer gemstones than diamonds


Alexandrite is an deeply sporadic and genuinely incredible gemstone, owing to the detail that it can actually undergo dramatic shifts in colour, depending on what amiable of adorn its in This flush mend is independent of the facet when viewed below an affected illuminate source, which makes it different from pleochroic jewels which only shift bunting when you rotate them in your hand. A variety of chrysoberyl, this intermittent gem actually belongs to the alike issue of gemstones as the emerald


It has been oral that tanzanites are about 1000 times rarer than diamonds, and this may extremely well be true, given that this particular gem is found partly exclusively in the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro and is in deeply partial supplies Just like alexandrite, tanzanite exhibits dramatic blush shifts that are dependent upon crystal orientation and lighting conditions

Red diamonds

Technically red diamonds are diamonds, but they highlight the scarcely confessed actuality that diamonds actually come in a wide variety of colours Diamonds arise in all shades, such as yellow, orange, brown, blue, green, black, pink and red and these fancy redden diamonds are even rarer than traditional yellowish diamonds. All you privation to do is compare the largest red diamond on Earth, the Moussaieff Red, which weighs about 5.11 carats, with the largest traditional diamonds which weigh well over 500 carats So you might need to consider a fancy flush diamond job round if you privation a truly sporadic and priceless stone

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Red Beryl

Red beryl, besides known as red emerald or scarlet emerald, was best described in 1904, and while it is closely germane on a chemical standard to both emerald and aquamarine, it is considered much rarer than both of them. The mineral is incomplete to parts of Utah and New Mexico and has proven exceptionally difficult to mine As such, estimates suggest that rubies of matching grade which if you remember, are very infrequent ornaments themselves are roughly 8000 times as lavish as any given red beryl exemplification Consequently, prices of red beryl hold been declared to span as much as $10,000 per carat for dent stones, which is considerably supplementary expensive than a diamond mission ring.

As you can see, if you dram something a infrequently offbeat but idle intermittent and prized, then you might deprivation to consider one of these infrequent trinkets as an possibility to the classic diamond assignment orb but be prepared to fee for it